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Cherry Blossom Wallpaper HD New Tab

Change Chrome Browser New Tab To Cherry Blossom Wallpaper HD. Custom Top Cherry Blossom Background. Themes For Cherry Blossom Lovers.

Cherry Blossom Wallpaper HD chrome extension features some of the great Cherry Blossom background to spice up your Chrome browser and give you the Cherry Blossom feels. Browse through some of the most creative and wonderful Cherry Blossom wallpaper theme, then save to your favorites or have the Cherry Blossom background extension shuffle the wallpapers every time you open a new tab.

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Features of Cherry Blossom Wallpaper HD Chrome Extension

  1. Shuffle Cherry Blossom wallpaper every time you open a new tab.
  2. Randomize Cherry Blossom background chrome theme in settings option.
  3. Search websites with Google search.
  4. Quick access to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Whatsapp web, Telegram Web, Reddit.
  5. Show current date and time automatically. Hide date time in settings option.
  6. Sticky notes give you the Cherry Blossom background feels in completing real-life tasks.
  7. Show fun snowflake, autumn leaves, rain and fireworks animation in settings option.
  8. Get quick access to your history websites.
  9. Easily get access to your shortcuts websites.
  10. 4k Cherry Blossom wallpaper for chromebook, windows, laptop, desktop, pc.

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About Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossoms are edible, and the leaves are a common ingredient in many Japanese foods and drinks. These leaves are a popular ingredient in sweets and Japanese tea. In addition, sakura anpan (bean paste wrapped around a rice crepe) is also delicious. These delicious treats can be found in parks and at festivals celebrating the blossom season. The delicate scent of the cherry blossoms makes them an excellent addition to a cup of tea.

In Japan, cherry blossoms blossom at various times throughout the season. They are associated with late March and early April. For many, the cherry blossoms represent the end of a school year and the start of the work force. In Japan, the cherry blossoms symbolize the closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. The Japanese have long believed that deities lived in cherry trees and that they symbolized agricultural reproduction. Therefore, the cherry blossom tree is revered in religious and cultural circles.

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The National Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated every year during the cherry blossom season. The festival is four weeks long and a time for family and friends to gather and enjoy the cherry blossoms. The first cherry trees were planted in the US in 1912, when 3,000 of the trees were shipped to Washington, D.C., and Seattle. Thousands of Japanese-style cherry trees are now planted throughout the US. There are several reasons to attend the festival, but here are some of the most popular: The Cherry Blossom Festival is a time to celebrate Japanese culture and history. Founded by Dr. Jokichi Takamine, the first woman to isolate adrenaline, the cherry blossom is a timeless symbol of Japan. The first trees were planted in Washington, D.C., on March 28, 1912.

We combined best Cherry Blossom wallpaper here. Install Cherry Blossom Wallpaper HD New Tab chrome extension and enjoy handpicked HD Cherry Blossom background images for chromebook, windows, laptop, desktop or pc.

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